Becca and the Boys

May 2010

My four stooges
Gavin Gavin Kyle Kyle Cameron Cameron Matt Matt

June 2010

The first week of June we got to add a couple of kids to our family for a week while some friends went out of town.  It was fun to have a little girl in the house.  Matthew and she had a grand time playing
Matt&Emma  Matt & Emma
The twins liked having their best friend around for a whole week.  I'm glad that I didn't have triplets!
James,Cam, Kyle James, Cameron, Kyle

July 2010

Matt turned 3 this year!  My baby just keeps getting bigger.  He had a Toy Story themed birthday since that is his favorite movie.  We even took him to see Toy Story 3 that day.
MattKyle, Matt, Cam  Cake

Wes spent most of the weekends during July out of town.  He went to Arizona and visited with Glena. 
Glena&girls Sydney, Glena, Lauren  -- 3 very cute women!
Wes went for a lot of drives with his nephew Kennon every morning and took lots and lots and lots of pictures of clouds.  He LOVES the Arizona clouds and says that Utah can't compete with them.
He did manage to get this picture of a lizard in the back yard
Lizard  oh fine here is a cloud picture... clouds
He did manage to do some work and not let Keith do it all.  Wes says he painted the purple, not the white on the play house.
Playhouse  Lauren checking out the freshly painted playhouse.  They also put up molding, and painted the hallway and parts of the kitchen.

Wes also spent many weekends during July and August helping to pack and move his parents.  They haven't said if he broke anything yet.
Mom&Dad Grandpa & Grandma Scholl -- Ivins, UT before the move

We managed to get out for some hikes and camping trips this month.
I took the boys to the Grotto up Payson Canyon a couple of times.  They all loved playing in the waterfall
HikingToGrotto Hiking to the grotto: Kyle, Gavin, Cam, Matt
AtTheGrotto Cam, Kyle, Gavin.  
When we came back the next week with Michele and family we brought our swim suits.

We camped at Payson Lakes with Michele and her family.  We had a lovely time exploring the lakes and eating hiking treats!
lumpsonalog  Wes commented that we were just being lumps on a log
restbreak Becca, Matt, & Katie taking a break to eat some candy
Twins Cam and Kyle pausing for Mom to take a picture in their quest to find things to throw into the water.
dirty  All the kids were very, very, very dirty within a couple of hours.  But they all had a fantastic time!
AbbyAbby looking very dashing in Holly's shades.  (And clean, I don't know how that happened, I know she was as dirty as my boys...)

feeding ducks  Eloise & the boys wanted to share their lunch with the ducks at Payson Lake.

We went to Black Hawk campground for the ward campout the following weekend.
Gavin Gavin enjoying the hike Myboys  My Boys; Cam, Kyle, Gavin, Matt

August 2010

I took a Photoshop class at BYU this summer and learned to do all sorts of very cool things.  So one question for you... Photoshoped or not??
Gavin Gavin Cam Cam Kyle Kyle

The twins turned 7 this month!  They started 2nd grade and had a great birthday on the first day of school.  I'll get more of their birthday pictures up soon, but here is a picture of their cake.
For those in my ward, this was done by Kim.