Becca and the Boys

 October 2008

Flag Football

This year Gavin entered the world of organized sports.  He joined the Dolphins flag football team.  He played offensive and defensive guard as well as special teams.   They played 8 other teams and ended up winning the league with a 5-2-1 record.  His brothers enjoyed going to the games and running on the baseball diamond either chasing or being chased by girls.  They also spent a lot of time in the dugouts.  Matthew came to learn that if he was getting shoes on then it meant play time outside.  Thanks to all those who came and helped cheer Gavin's team on!

  #12  warming up before a game  Team Photo  Dugout Play  Shoes are sometimes good



The boys looked forward all month to Halloween.  I was glad when it came down to the last week when they finally had to pick their costumes!  Thanks to the warm weather we didn't have to worry about coats this year.  Some Costume pictures
Ready for School  Trick-or-Treat  Me  Let's Go!
Cam, Gavin, Kyle            All the boys                          Wes looked better               ready to get going!

Matthew wasn't feeling well so he came home with me early.  He was not happy to see his brothers go off for more trick-or-treat fun.  But he did find solace in the candy at our house (yes that is Matthew, not a dog).  Also some good pumpkin shots
I want to go too!  hmmm candy