Becca and the Boys

July 2008

While the rest of the boys went camping (Wes had the camera and didn’t take any pictures of that) I decided to subject Matthew to his first haircut.  I still don’t know where this blond baby came from. . .

beforebefore   afterafter

The official one year old pictures.

July 2008 Matthew    Matthew July 2008  Boys July 2008

We tried putting shoes on for his pictures but he did not like that at all.  They were on for about a minute and he was still crying 45 minutes later! 

Scenes from the birthday party

1st birthday    1st birthday  1st birthday

Matthew enjoyed eating his flag cake and opening presents.  Swimming was also a hit, but he needed to take a break every now and then.

1st birthday  1st birthday 

Cub Scout Day Camp

Gavin got to go to day camp this month. There were 5 boys from the pack that went up.  He enjoyed all the activities. . . he won't admit to a favorite.

daycampJuly2008  daycampJuly2008  daycampJuly2008  daycampJuly2008
boating                        sword fighting        knot tying                archery