Becca and the Boys

August 2008

Camping Trip!

We went on a camping trip to Grand Tetons and Yellowstone.  It was the first time to visit there for the boys.  They all want to go back again!

Matthew figured out the first rule of camping quickly.  Of course Gavin was a good example.
Matthew Gavin

One of the favorite activities was throwing rocks in rivers and lakes.  Matthew enjoyed picking out which rocks he wanted, but he was still getting used to wearing shoes so he preferred to go back to crawling on the rocks. 
Jackson Lake GKC_JacksonLake M_JacksonLake M_jacksonLake

The longest hike, 6miles round trip, was the shoreline trail of Jenny Lake up to inspiration point.  The boys enjoyed seeing all the animals along the way, most notably a baby and mother moose and a beaver.  They didn't get to see a bear or a "daddy moose" like they had hoped.  They did enjoy the waterfall.  By this point they were ready to turn back.  We didn't tell them that the real waterfall was another half mile up the trail.  But it was a very pretty place to end the hike.

CKG_hiking BM_hiking CKGWMB_EndofHike inspirationPoint

For our day in Yellowstone we went to the Old Faithful basin.  They were very impressed with Castle geyser that was going when we got there.  Kyle and Cam did wonder why we couldn't "turn on" the other geysers along the trail.  Wes practiced his animal taming skills on a local chipmunk (yes he is sitting on Wes' leg).  On the way back to the Tetons we stopped at Lewis Falls where we had to wait for a hail storm to finish before going to the overlook.

CastleGeyser_GMKC SteadyGeyser_GKC WM_yellowstone M_exploring KC_yellowstone  chipmunk CKGBM_LewisFalls

Birthday Boys and School Time

Kyle and Cameron turned 5 this year.  They enjoyed going swimming for their birthday again this summer.  The older "boys" also seemed to enjoy seeing how big of a wave they could make jumping in all together.
Kyle_Aug08 Holly_Matt  Boys
Kyle                              Holly and Matt        "the boys"

After swimming we had the presents and cake portion of the party.  Since we had ice cream cake we decided to open the presents before cake to give it time to thaw out a little more.  This proved of course to be a huge distraction when it came time to blow out candles.  They did blow them out eventually.
Cam_5years  Kyle_5years
Cam's turn . . . . . . . .Kyle's turn

The twins were excited to start kindergarten this year.  Gavin stated 3rd grade a week before.  The bus proved to be as exciting as Kyle and Cam had anticipated.  They boarded at different times and Cam will admit that he sat by a girl.  Kyle sat by Gavin.
Kyle_bus  Cam_bus
           Kyle                               Cam