Becca and the Boys

February 2009

Playtime fun when you can't go outside... 

For Christmas Aunt Jenna gave the boys marble sets.  Gavin wanted to learn how to play marbles to pass off an arrow point for Cub Scouts.  He never was able to beat Dad, but he did manage to win the 2 games I played with him.  Kyle and Cam also enjoyed learning to play the game.

Kyle, Cam

The boys enjoy watching TV with each other in the evenings before bedtime.  Here they are snacking on Monkey Bread.  They had been asking for it for several months and I finally got around to making some.

Gavin, Kyle, Cam, Matthew

Matt loves to hide in small places around the house.  I must say he is the first of the boys to find this hiding spot in the house.  He also loves to play in the bathtub.  Here he was a little excited and got in before he undressed.  At least he hasn't learned to turn on the water yet.

hiding   bath

The boys enjoyed having their cousins over on Valentines day for Game Night.  Here they are teaching Caleb how to play Castle Crashers on the Xbox.  Note Kyle is in mid-hop.  K&C love jumping around while playing.  At least they get some exercise in during these cold months.

Cam, Caleb, Gavin, Kyle, Parker, Matt

The boys have been practicing their hand stands.  K&C are getting good at doing it by them selves.  Gavin still needs some help.  No I promise his neck did not break during this picture.

CamKyleMatt  CamKyle  GavinCamKyle
Cam, Kyle, Matt        Cam, Kyle                Gavin, Cam Kyle