Becca and the Boys

 December 2008

Tree Decorating

The boys enjoyed picking out and decorating the Christmas tree this year.  The comment after we got home with the tree was " Can we run around in the trees again next year?"  Matthew wasn't sure what to make of having a large tree in the house, but he soon discovered that it made a great hiding place.  Gavin was distressed over the fact that we hadn't put any presents under the tree yet.  We tried to explain that Matt would open them if we put them under it.  Wes came up with the solution of putting the presents over the tree.
tree  peek-a-boo  presents over the tree       


Play Time Adventures

A big thank you to Aunt Beth for letting us use your Xbox while ours is broken.  The boys have enjoyed being able to play games again after a 2 1/2 month forced break.  But I must say that I'm glad that I don't come home to this every day.
8 boys oh my

Matthew has discovered the world of coloring.  His latest canvas has been himself.  Must be trying to look more like Dad.  The shirt was a loss.
marker fun

Santa Visit

For Pack night this month they had a special visitor to hand out awards and treats.  Everyone enjoyed the visit with the exception of Matthew and a few of his friends.
Gavin  Kyle  Cam  Matthew
Gavin                                Kyle                                Cam                        Matt

Christmas Time

Sugar cookies is something the boys look forward to every year.  They are getting much better at cutting them out without help.  Matthew even got into the action this year with his first cookies.
Gavin  Kyle Matthew
Decorating with frosting is still the best part.... lots of snitching

The  "Gingerbread" House 2008
gingerbread house1  house2  almost done
Kyle, Gavin, Cam

The boys enjoyed the final few days before Christmas year.  They enjoyed sledding in the 10 inches of snow we got, as well as spending time playing with family.
How many more days?  Gavin's air guitar   Kyle - ready to go  Cam - at the top
Gavin-counting down          Gavin                        Kyle                            Cam

Lego's (including some duplo's for Matthew) could be found everywhere Christmas morning
Looking around Checking out what was left by Santa

 Hats for everyone The boys got new hats.  Hopefully Matthew will grow into his.
Gavin, Cameron, Kyle, and Matthew