Becca and the Boys

April 2010

Spring break in southern California!  So much better than the snow, rain and cold temperatures we missed.  Both Wes and Gavin's birthday's happened on the trip so we got to celebrate away from home.  For Wes' birthday we drove all day to my sister's house.  No pictures of the car trip.  It was long and boring, just the way it should be.  Michele made cupcakes for the occasion so we got to eat those and dye Easter eggs as well.  Mostly I just sat around like a bump on a log.  My allergies set nicely in my chest on the ride down, and by the time we reached California I wasn't feeling very good.  Not the best way to spend a vacation.

after the drive Wes and I being lazy after getting out of the car.
Birthday boy Happy 36th birthday Wes!  (Hat provided by my sister.)

Easter Sunday my boys managed to wake up their cousin who loves to sleep in and rarely gets up before 9 without prompting.  The boys had her up before 7 to look for Easter treats.  Here are a few after the hunt pictures.

Enjoying Treats Cam, Kyle, Eloise enjoying their spoils.
Bunny First chocolate bunny for Matt and he goes straight for the ears!
Eloise Chocolate for breakfast!  Knew my niece and I get along well.

Easter Sunday we had a small birthday party for Gavin.  His birthday was celebrated at Disneyland later in the week, but he still wanted lemon bars for it.  Thanks Michele for making them! (and everything else you did while I sat around not feeling good.)
Gavin Happy 10th birthday Gavin!!  I can't believe you are so big.

Diney Birthday at Disney.  I got the birthday badge for Gavin and embarrassed him all day with people wishing him a happy birthday. 

Gavin Still wearing it at 9:30 that night in line for Space Mountain.

We went to the Wild Animal Park in San Diego.  The boys had a very good time looking at everything and trying to count how many animals were in the herds of giraffe and rhinos.  The wild animal park had their butterfly exhibit at the time and we had lots of fun having butterflies land on us... mostly.  The twins are not fans of butterflies and left rather quickly.  They didn't like them flying around their heads.  Gavin tried very hard to get one to land on him, but it took 3 trips in before he finally got one.

Gavin Not quite that big yet, but still impressive for a 10 year old.
Wes Wes enjoyed taking pictures of all the wildlife, this is just a sample.
wildlife This is the wildlife I encountered on the walking paths. (Cam, Matt, Kyle)
Wes Wes taking a nap at the zoo playground...
Butterfly pictures:
Wes Wes Matt Matt Gavin Gavin Becca Me Twins The twins huddling by Dad hoping nothing lands on them (Kyle, Matt, Wes, Cam)

Disneyland was very much anticipated by the boys.  Kyle and Cam are tall enough now to go on screaming California and Indy.  They enjoyed both rides very much.  I have 3 adrenalin junkies on my hands.  Matt was tall enough to go on the Matterhorn bobsleds, but we decided not to try him.  He thought the waterfalls on Pirates was scary enough.  Maybe the next trip.

twins Kyle and Cam waiting in line.
Matt Matt's smile that I loved seeing.
waiting More line waiting... (Matt, Gavin, Kyle, Cam)
matt Matt finding things to entertain him while waiting in line.
proof Proof that I'm a mean Mom!  Look at those faces, not one smile for going to Disney! (Gavin, Kyle, Cam, Matt, Me)

We spent an afternoon at the Huntington beach state park.  Beautiful afternoon, but the water was COLD!  That didn't seem to stop the boys, but I stayed out of the water.

beach Wes and Gavin spending time in the waves hunting shells.
beach Kyle, Cam, Eloise playing in the waves.
The beach was perfect for a little digging!  Alas they all managed to get out.
gavin Gavin's head
beach Cam, Eloise, Kyle, Matt heads