Becca and the Boys

April 2009

The boys open the door to go to school and find this....

AprilFools crime
Maybe we shouldn't have tried selling our neighbors house a couple of years ago.... But we did get an offer of 25 bucks!
This is how it started a couple years ago.  That's Kyle standing by the sign in our neighbors yard, he thought it was Matthew!

The Cakes

Gavin wanted a volcano cake this year.  Wes got a well.... frosting cake.... by his boys.
Gavins  The smoke added a nice touch.  Matthew was enthralled by it.

Wes'  Wes2  The boys all had a lot of fun adding frosting to the cake.  A good way to break in my new decorating supplies.  Gavin and Cam enjoying adding more frosting.


This year both Wes and Matthew were sick so they stayed home from church.  I did make Matt dress up for a picture with his brothers.
Easter09Kyle, Gavin, Matt, Cam

The egg decorating was a success,  Matt only cracked one out of his two eggs.  The older boys did much better at not cracking them.
Eggs1  eggs2
Gavin, Kyle, Cam         ----  Kyle, Cam Matt