Becca and the Boys

Spring 2011

We went to Thatcher Arizona for spring break to visit with family.  We all enjoyed the escape from snow.
Cousins Lined up from smallest to tallest.  Matt, Lauren, Sydney, Kyle, Cameron, Gavin

Helping GrandpaThe boys enjoyed helping Grandpa remove some dead bushes from the front yard.
Cam, Matt, Kyle

Cupcakes The kids helped decorate cupcakes for Lauren's birthday!
Matt, Lauren, Cameron, Kyle, Sydney

Playing outside in the warm weather was a favorite.  Gavin helped twist the swing up so Sydney could twirl around.  She said that she wasn't squished but I don't believe her.
stuck in a swingLauren, Sydney, Gavin
dodge ball Sydney, Kyle, Lauren playing keep-away
Basketball Gavin practicing his skills

We went rock hunting in the Black Hills area by Safford.  The boys want open their own rock shop now.
rock huntingRock hunting 2

On our way home we stopped in Flagstaff and visited some parks in the area in honor of National Parks Week (which means we got into them all for free!)
We visited the Cliff dwellings at Walnut Canyon
Walnut Canyon Matt, Gavin, Cam, Kyle, Wes Twins Kyle & Cam

The twins comment on seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time was that it looked fake.
Grand Canyon Gavin, Becca, Kyle, Cam Grand Canyon Kyle, Cam, Becca, Matt, Gavin
Elk The twins enjoyed the close up view of the elk grazing along the path.

We walked through the lava flow at Sunset Crater.  They thought the lava rocks hitting each other sounded like glass.  They especially enjoyed making their own "earthquakes" at the visitor center.
Sunset Crater Kyle, Matt, Gavin, Cam

The boys loved the ruins at Wupatki National Monument.  The twins loved the "castle" ruin, and Matt liked that the doors were just his size.
WupatkiCam & Kyle  Wupatki Matt