Becca and the Boys

October 2010

Gavin has had a blast playing flag football this year.  I few pictures of my budding football player because I can.
We are the Defense The defensive line
Sack the QB Sites set on the QB
Protecting the QB Protecting his QB when playing on the O line
Blocking Blocking.  He also got to play center, QB, and kick off return!
Dad & Matt Dad & Matt frequently played on the ipad While K&C ran all around
Gavin also placed 2nd in the Pine Wood Derby right after one of his games!

While in Arizona for Glena's funeral the boys had a lot of fun playing with cousins and uncles they don't get to see very often.
Gavin, Joseph, James Gavin, Joseph & James
Kids on playset Testing out Grandma's playset
The boys also ran afoul of the law and were disappointed to find out their uncles handcuffs don't come off as easily as their play ones.
Matt & Lauren Matt & Lauren finally stuck with the handcuff's above the elbow
K&C Kyle & Cam realize there is no quick release button
Gavin Gavin trying to figure out how to pick them like his cousin did.

Halloween is one holiday the boys always look forward to.  The twins did more of the carving on their own pumpkins this year with only some help for the finer details.  Gavin carved his all by himself.
Pumpkin carving fun
Mom, Kyle & Cam Mom working on the finer details of Cameron's pumpkin
Matt Matt was very pleased with his design (carved by Dad)
pumpkins All lit up.  Starting in the top right corner going down: Matt's, Cameron, Gavin, Mom (the Y), and Kyle's

We went Trick-or-Treating on Saturday this year.  Just as we were getting ready to leave a huge downpour complete with lighting occurred.  After a 20 minute wait it was down to a slow drizzle and we braved the water.  It stopped within another 20 minutes and we were treated to a very vivid Halloween rainbow (no picture of that I didn't take the camera since I was holding umbrellas and rain ponchos.)
ready to go Ready to go as soon as the rain stops
Kyle as Vader, Gavin as a Death Eater, Cameron as Vader, Matt as a ninja
masks on
The talk during trick-or-treating was who got caught by the downpour and how wet they got and how wet they still were.