Becca and the Boys

March 2010

Around the house this month

Warmer weather means a trip to the park to run and play.  Gavin worked on his throwing form with Wes while the twins and Matt rolled down and ran up the hill.  My favorite part was the smiles.
Gavin Gavin working on that spiral.
MattMatt after a successful trip down.
Cam&KyleCam & Kyle in a race to the top again.

Trip to Arches

We took advantage of a 3 day weekend for the boys and headed down to Arches.  A storm moved through Friday morning and kept the temperature cooler than hoped for, but it was beautiful weather while we were there and we had a great time.  I'm still not sure how I ended up with the sunburned nose, usually it's Wes who gets burned while I and the boys are kept safe with sunscreen.  It was a fun trip and a first that I remember seeing snow still in the shaded areas. 
Family Matt, Becca, Kyle, Gavin, Cameron, Wes in front of Landscape arch.

We took the boys to Delicate Arch for the first time.  The hike started out well, but Matt didn't want to go into the baby-pack when we reached the steep part of the hike and cried the rest of the way up.  The rest of the boys were very impressed with their first site of the arch.  The older boys made their way over to the arch with Wes, with Gavin daring to go to the middle.
Delicate Matt, Becca, Gavin.  Matt was still crying over being put in the baby-pack and then he really didn't like the wind at the top!  But fruit snacks can solve anything and he was resigned to his fate on the way down.

BaseofDelicate Gavin, Cam, and Kyle at the base of the arch

Gavin Gavin under the arch with Cam climbing higher on the side making me very nervous.

Matt was much happier when the time came for the baby-pack the second day and enjoyed walking around the Window's area and Park Ave.
WindowsWes, Matt, Gavin heading to North Window Arch.  Matt's favorite part was all the stairs to climb.

ParkAve Matt (looking for puddles to throw rocks in), Wes (looking for rocks), Gavin (annoyed that Wes found all the cool ones), Kyle and Cam (just wondering around) hiking Park Ave.

General climbing everything we can find pictures
DoubleArch By Double Arch.  Gavin, Kyle, Cam climbing ever higher.

Twins Cam and Kyle by Double Arch.  They dressed alike all by themselves I promise.  I think they liked all the "Are you twins?" questions they got.

Gavin Gavin finally getting somewhere his brothers aren't following.

Camp Campsite #40.  Yes that is snow up above the tent!

twins2 Kyle and Cam on "Balanced Rock #2" behind the tent area of camp.  The preferred play place while Mom and Dad are getting things ready.

We went past Landscape Arch to check out Wall Arch that had fallen since the last visit.  They had to change the trail to the other side of the arch making the hike up that part much steeper.
Kyle and Cam getting a closer look at the before and after pictures.  I was amazed at the number of people hiking right by still not noticing that there was something to look at (or not anymore.)
Wall Kyle and Cam at the fallen Wall Arch

On our way out of the park we stopped by the visitors center.  The favorite point of interest was the telescopes.  Matt had to ditch his hat and stand on tip-toe to get a look at the sky I'm guessing.