Becca and the Boys

Sept- Oct 2009

Around the house this month

A few more pictures from soccer. 

MattWhere did he learn that look? What did you just do?

K&C They can play and watch the game!

David David Yes I had to take a picture of David after the chair turned him white! You're Welcome!

We went to St. George a couple of times this last month.  The boys enjoyed seeing their cousins and grandparents.  They all liked story time with Grandpa even Gavin amazingly enough!
We will all miss seeing Grandpa Jones, we miss and love him lots.

There seems to be a holiday at the end of October that all the boys (yes that includes Wes) love.  I don't understand why they would like it.  Just because you can dress up as anything you want and go around and knock on someone's door and expect them to give you candy. . .

Gavin branched out into the world of doing his own pumpkin carving!  Wahoo!  The other boys had help.  Good time all around
Matt's pumpkin - with help from Mom
Matt  M2 Yes I had to put both pictures up, he smiles too cute!

Kyle- with help from Dad                        Cam - with help from Dad
Kyle                                           Cam
Those are clone pumpkin troops just in case you can't figure it out.  I suggested just carving a circle and putting the clone trooper masks on the pumpkins.  They didn't think that was a good idea.

Gavin- his own creation

Ready for Trick-Or-Treating 
Oct09  Oct09Gavin, Matt, Cam, Kyle
Cam, Gavin, Kyle, Matt

Gavin has been enjoying flag football again this year.  He is much more aggressive about going after the ball, and has made several diving tackles!  It's been fun watching him play.  I'll put up some pictures when I steal them from Mom's camera.