Becca and the Boys

May 2009

Around the house this month

 Cam lost his first tooth and has his second tooth well on its way to wiggling out. 
Cam's tooth

Matt has found a new and interesting way to "sit" in his chair for dinner.

End of the School Year

The boys have worked very hard all year long and we are both very proud of what they have accomplished.    Gavin was awarded student of the month for April!  Kyle and Cam passed off everything they needed to learn in Kindergarten.  It was fun to see them grow this year in school.  A few pictures from the last day of Kindergarten.  (Gavin still has to finish out the month)

Last DayCameron, Miss Miller and Kyle.
last day1After the awards.  Kyle and Cam

Playing around

We checked out the new water pad on our latest visit to Grandma and Grandpas.  Even though it was a little windy and on the cold side the boys enjoyed themselves.
Gavin being got  Water fun 
The boys always have fun in the tunnel hideout Gavin & Kyle  Here is Gavin and Kyle hiding

We went up to Maple Bench for an evening of fun playing with Wes' cousins
Gavin gathering logs for a big fire that night
Gavin   Matt  Matt checking out the stream in the campsite down the road.