Becca and the Boys

June 2009

Around the house this month

At the start of June I took a couple of days and went to California.  While there I got to meet my very cute newest niece there and I made a new friend at the Zoo.

The boys had lots of fun while I was gone.  They went up to a friends house to have a 'movie night' but ended up playing air hockey most of the night.
air hockey Gavin, Cam, Kyle

Gavin gave me a trifle bowl for Christmas.  I finally got around to trying it out.  Here is a picture of my first attempt.  Not quite up to Fen's standard, but not bad for a first try.  Gavin is already plotting more flavor combinations to try...
trifle  trifle2 We call this Chocolate Sediment Trifle.  The marshmallows were better the second day after they were more mushy.... Next up is a tropical themed trifle.

The boys always enjoy when friends come over.  Parker and Matt have fun playing together.

Matt as a cowboy? Matt-Cowboy    Cam & Kyle Cam-Kyle