Becca and the Boys

July 2009

Around the house this month

It really has been 2 years and it's time for Matt's birthday.  Like last year we went swimming (thanks Craig & Marie!)  Everyone had fun, at least until the next day when Wes became lobster boy again.  Matt enjoyed the waterslide and has added slide to his list of regular words.
Cam-Wes-Matt  Wes-Matt
Matt was very happy with the SpongeBob cake that was made for his birthday, at least until it came time to eat him...  or it could just be time for a nap after all that swimming.
spongebob  tired birthday boy

Matt added another word this month...  Snake...  All the boys were very excited when Wes caught it in the backyard.  It now lives by the creek.

The family reunion was a lot of fun.  It was nice to see all of my family in one place.  I can't believe there are 24 of us now!  The boys had fun playing with cousins, tie-dying (I'll get a shot of all 4 new shirts,) camping overnight, and going swimming.  Thanks everyone for the great time!
KyleKyle had no problems scaling the rock wall at the playground
E&Cam Cam having fun playing princess games with Eloise
Becca Proof that Wes does take pictures sometimes