Becca and the Boys

December 2009

Around the house this month

We made Thanksgiving table decorations that we left in the car.  They were still fun to make even if they didn't get used.
ThanksgivingKyle, Cam, Gavin
You can see in the picture that Cam has lost one of his front teeth.  We are trying to wiggle the other out before Christmas so he can sing the song!

Matt likes to sit on chairs any which way he can

It was haircut time again for the boys.  I stopped to take a picture of Gavin when he said he was done.  After a little more thought he decided to let me decide when his haircut was finished.

Yes I will admit that I was beat by all my boys when we went bowling.  Matt had the high score out of our family at 112, Aunt Laura came out as the winner with 113.
Cam Cam Kyle Kyle

Snow!  All were happy when we finally got some of that white stuff to play in.
Matt Matt KyleKyle Gavin and Cam Gavin and Cam