Becca and the Boys

August 2009

Around the house this month

School started and the boys had mixed excitement at the first day.  K&C were very excited to start 1st grade and go to school all day long.  Gavin was, in his words, 'a puny bit excited.'  but with a 9 year old I will take that! 
Cam, Matt, Gavin, Kyle
1st day of school Matt was ready to go with his brothers complete with a backpack on.  He was not happy when the school bus pulled away without him.

 K&C turned 6 this year!  They had a fun day of swimming and cake eating.  One of the good things about being a twin is when you have blown out your own candles you can help with your twins!
Candles candles 2
Kyle did let Cam blow out his candles eventually.  Good thing we had multiple days of candles!


K&C entered the world of organized youth sports this year.  They wanted to play soccer.  Kyle was excited for the first game, Cam was almost in tears.  But once we got them to the field they both were running around with huge grins!  Their team won the first game 3-0! 
soccer soccer1 Kyle going after the ball alone soccer2 Cam as goalie
Gavin is insists that watching the games takes longer than playing the game.  But his turn will come in October when flag football comes around.

Family pictures 2009